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We at Incubig, believe that Patents should be used to promote Innovation and not to hamper Innovation. Startups and early Innovators must utilize the knowledge stored in Patents to refine their Product and explore new areas for Innovation. Technology insights from Patents will act as Catalyst to “Expand and Increase Innovation".

At Incubig, we are solving the biggest threat to Innovation. Patent Infringement!

Startups being an easy target, with more than $3M cost of defending the patent lawsuit. These lawsuits are lethal for both Startups and Investors.

Startups, with complete focus on their Product, forget to check their Infringement score, how Secure is their Product Technology, Technology Research Period and Maturity, Patents relevant to their Technology, Top Players Patent Activity, Competitors Patent Strategy and other Industry Applications of their Product. Further, there is a significant impact of Patent Litigation on Investors as well, who may end up burning millions of dollars in Patent Litigation. Analyzing the IP Strength of a Startup/Idea may help in avoiding such a situation.

We are creating Customized IP Profiles of Individual Innovators and Startups to provide 360 Degree Patent Analytics relevant to their Product/Technology. Individual Innovators can research about their Idea using IP Profile. Further, IP Profile will be evolved to Strengthen Startup Patent Strategy. Investors can use IP Profile to save time and Money.

Ankit Lekhra CEO

Expert in Patent Analytics, Provided Patent Strategy Solutions to Microsoft, Google and Other Tech Giants. At UnitedLex/iRunway, responsible for expanding the team from 5 to 21. From Providing Patent Analytics Solutions to Shaping their Patent Strategy. Saved Millions of Dollar for Clients.

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Mohammed Zaffer CTO

Worked on “Simulation of Artificial Neural Network in Human Brain” and “Cognitive Recognition in Human Brain based on fMRI data”. At Samsung R&D, he was responsible for major improvements in 5G LTE battery optimization. Gold Medalist in Maths Olympiad and National Cyber Olympiad.

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